3 Best Job Positions for BBA Students in Media Marketing

By | Aug 12, 2017

Job Positions for BBA Students in Media Marketing- A BBA in the field of media marketing will let you go after careers in a large number of professional fields, which can be sales, market research and development, market research and brand, advertising and promotion, public relations, etc.

Best Job Positions for BBA Students in Media Marketing:

In all these areas, there are some well-known job positions including sales and marketing managers, advertising managers, and public relations managers

  1. Advertising Managers

You, as an advertising manager in a firm, will engage in creating the advertisements that your potential target markets (consumer) will watch and hear on all the digital and print media. Your job responsibility will be to overseeing the entire organization’s promotional campaigns. It means that you’ll have the chance to work with the sales and creative departments so that you could decide on promotion slogans, brand images and marketing messages.

You may serve an organization that does its own promotions and advertising, or you may serve for a company dealing with providing advertising services to organizations. It all depends on your organization; you may also be responsible for serving as a relationship between the advertising agency and the firms making up your clientele base. Typically, advertising managers can earn an average of $115 on annual basis.

  1. Marketing Managers

If you become a marketing manager, your basic job will be to carry out research market trends to ascertain which target market the firm’ products should target. You will need to Buy Essay Online closely work with a team of your firm associated with market research analysts and advertising team. In this research task, you will need to estimate and evaluate the demand for your products/services while also monitoring the implementation of marketing strategies of your competitors and their successes. Monitoring the customer satisfaction trends will also be your job, and this satisfaction can only obtain by new products/service fulfilling the needs of wants of consumer

Even though a majority of the marketing managers work with advertising agencies, you as a manager may choose to serve the advertising department of a smaller-scale firm, for a large-scale retailer or a chain of stores or for another from selling products directly to the end-users. On average, annually you as a marketing manager can earn$137,500.

  1. Public Relations (PR)or Fundraising Managers

The job role of a PR manager is to make sure that the business is able to maintain a quite positive image and reputation in the public. As a PR manager, you will be responsible for organizing small and large PR events and fundraisers that will assist in boosting your company’s relationship with the target market or community it takes to care for. You’ll also be responsible for developing strong and effective rapports with the print and electronic media while distributing press releases on occasions. Moreover, your job will be to monitoring and observe socio-economic and political trends in the society or country that might badly or positively affect the overall reputation of your company or brand and develop comprehensive plans through which your business will be able to meet these trends.

If you get success and become a PR manager in a company, you do not need to serve the advertising department. Retailers and department stores, engineering firms and real estate are all the best places with PR departments where you may work as a PR manager. Besides these, you may also reach to a decision to work at a purely PR firm. Usually, as a PR manager, you can earn an average $115,500 annually.

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