Executive MBA in the USA- Eligibility, Rankings, Cost and Other Details

By | Mar 6, 2017

MBA has its roots in USA and since the inception of MBA there are certain courses that have been offered to the MBA aspirants. With the evolution of many MBA many courses were added too. The Master of Business Administration is a master’s degree given in business administration or management.

Executive MBA in USA- Programs:

MBA aspirants can easily seek various Executive programs in MBA that will help to learn many executive programs. There are different core courses in the MBA program which cover various other areas of business like human resources, marketing, accounting, finance and operations which help to develop the management analysis and also to build up the strategy skills.

The Executive MBA in the USA offers programs for professionals who are seeking to advance in their careers for upper management and executive positions. There are many different universities that offer executive MBA programs to choose from the top-notch educational universities with an experienced and a distinguished faculty.

Executive MBA in USA- Eligibility

Students from different sub-continents can also apply to be a part of the functional and recognised faculty. The USA offers top universities with distinguished eligibility criteria to help the students to come up with different management skills. Executive MBA Eligibility criteria from a certain subset which has to be fulfilled by the student to be eligible to be a part of the desirable program. The eligibility requirement for the MBA aspirants is that they must have completed a basic bachelor’s graduation degree in either (B.E, B.Tech), B.A., B.Sc, B.Com, or in any other discipline. However, a Masters or doctoral (PhD) degree will also be adding on a plus point to their choices.

The business and management education landscape evolves continuously to set up the goals for the MBA programs. The New Executive MBA programs are continuously emerging, while helps to focus on the building demands of the industrialisation. Therefore candidates from India and Indian subcontinent are likely to accept the executive MBA programs. Now to choose which university offers the best program it is necessary to have a look on the Executive MBA Rankings in USA.

The benefit of pursuing an Executive MBA program in USA degree makes sure that you can continue with your professional work while earning the MBA degree. By using the executive programs it becomes easy for the students to apply their knowledge and technical skills to the professionalism of their work. The Executive MBA Cost in USA varies from one university to another but everywhere one common agenda is followed which is to emphasise the leadership and the management to learn the core of the business management skills. Through the executive programs, the MBA aspirants will learn the managerial economics, marketing management, corporate social responsibility, and also the international finance.

The Executive MBA rankings are perhaps based on the means to narrow down the program choices and allow for the comparison of the programs.  Below given are the top five programs with the duration, cost and ranking.

Executive MBA in the USA- Cost:

  • Brigham Young University (BYU) Marriott School of Business costs $45,000 for its Executive MBA program
  • The University of Florida costs $46,000
  • Vanderbilt University, Owen Graduate School of Management and University of Pittsburgh Katz Graduate School of Business both the schools charges just over US$48,000
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