About Us

The initial thoughts and foundations of ExamBreak.com were laid back in 2015 after heavy brainstorming. We always wanted to provide the student the best and relevant information, alerts and news at a light speed. Furthermore, we craved to give every visitor an unforgettable user experience which will last a deep and long lasting effect. Henceforth will force the visitor to gaze and visit the website again. We understood the gap after the browsing number of a website catering to Indian education exams.

As a website, we cover all the major national and state level exams news from releasing of news, notification to cut off marks and results. We consider ourselves as a resourceful website which delivers news and in future, we are aspiring to become one-stop platforms containing all the appreciated information, updates and alerts.

It is well understood in our team that how important it is for aspiring students to check, read the right information at a place. We have deeply instilled with the fact that is a daunting task to choose the right career path as different fields, sectors and job roles are becoming more detailed, crisp and evolved. We will be proud and more than happy if a students use ExamBreak.com as a reference in making their right career choice.

Our aim is to cover all the news of entrance exams irrespective of the fields which are held in India. Not only this we want to become the pioneer in providing appropriate information and updates to all board exams aspirants in the country. Also, we want to have the flagship in bringing out the best alerts for government job seekers.